Simple Plan - Download Musik/Mp3

==Band Member==
Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals)
Jeff Stinco (lead guitar)
Sébastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
David Desrosiers (bass, backing vocals)
Chuck Comeau (drums and percussion)


Simple Plan is a Canadian pop punk band from Montréal, Québec. The band has had no line up changes since its inception in 1999. Members are Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals), Jeff Stinco (lead guitar), Sébastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), David Desrosiers (bass, backing vocals) and Chuck Comeau (drums and percussion). They have released three studio albums: No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (2002), Still Not Getting Any... (2004), and Simple Plan (2008); as well as two widely marketed live albums: Live in Japan 2002 (2003) and MTV Hard Rock Live (2005).

===List Albums===

1. No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls [2002]:

1. Id Do Anything.mp3
2. The Worst Day Ever.mp3
3. You Dont Mean Anything.mp3
4. Im Just A Kid.mp3
5. When Im With You.mp3
6. Meet You There.mp3
7. Addicted.mp3
8. My Alien.mp3
9. God Must Hate Me.mp3
10. I Wont Be There.mp3
11. One Day.mp3
12. Perfect.mp3

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2. Still Not Getting Any (Limited Edition) [2004]

01 - Shut Up
02 - Welcome To My Life
03 - Perfect World
04 - Thank You
05 - Me Against The World
06 - Crazy
07 - Jump
08 - Everytime
09 - Promise
10 - One
11 - Untitled
12 - Perfect(Live)(Japan Bonus Track)

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3. Simple Plan [2008]:

01 When I'm Gone
02 Take My Hand
03 The End
04 Your Love Is A Lie
05 Save You
06 Generation
07 Time To Say Goodbye
08 I Can Wait Forever
09 Holding On
10 No Love
11 What If

Bonus Tracks:
12 Running Out Of Time
13 When I'm Gone [Acoustic]

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  1. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.



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